Extrapolation Domain Analysis

Extrapolation Domain Analysis (EDA) is a method of looking for areas which are promising for wider adoption of outcomes, technologies or practices from agricultural research projects.

Domains have been developed to identify areas – at continental and global scale – that appear suitable, based largely on matching with biophysical characteristics of climate, soil and site. Adoption, however, depends also on socio-economic factors. These also vary over space, but we currently have no basis on which to include them.

Past research on the subject concentrates on the inclusion of expert knowledge on those factors which have an influence on adoption; these are training data sets. Finding these socio-economic variables outside study zones is difficult given that data are not collected routinely. Even when they are, the resolution of these is rarely below sub-national scale. However, such factors can be estimated indirectly from more easily observed attributes that reflect – to some degree –factors such as investment, order or participation.

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