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Welcome to GeAgrofía

GeAgrofía provides spatial analytical advisory and technical services for the wider agricultural research and development community.

Our services include environmental characterisation, socio-economic and crop modelling, shiny dashboard and decision support tools, statistical analysis, GIS training, partner liaison, literature reviews and geographical data management.

About GeAgrofía

GeAgrofía was founded in 2012 and provides spatial analytical services for the wider tropical agricultural research and development community.

GeAgrofía’s Andrew Farrow has over 25 years’ experience in geographical analysis of tropical agriculture with on-the-ground experience in Africa and Latin America.

GeAgrofía has links to diverse research institutions, development partners and donor organisations.

GeAgrofía is a consultancy based in Wageningen in the Netherlands and registered in the Gelderland Chamber of Commerce #54498376.

For more information contact GeAgrofía: info[at]geagrofia[dot]nl

Who we work with

Our clients include:

Links to other nodes

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The CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture uses big data approaches to solve agricultural development problems. The platform includes various communities of practice, including for Geospatial data and analysis.

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Agricultural Biodiversity

Agricultural Biodiversity Weblog which has a number of posts about mapping and analysing agricultural biodiversity


The Decision and Policy Analysis (DAPA) group carry out most spatial analysis for the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), this is their blog.


Agricultural trials data from a number of international organisations are managed at AgTrials.


HarvestChoice makes available spatial data and tools for analysing agriculture. The project has now concluded, but some datasets –  such as  IFPRI’s Spatial Production Allocation Model (SPAM) – are still available.


N2Africa was a research for development project which aimed to increase legume use in Africa for improving soils and livelihoods.

A Very Spatial Podcast

A Very Spatial podcast – updates on spatial analysis and GIS